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After using the ApexLink system for a while now, I can honestly say this is a very good program. The user guides and videos are pretty up to date and helpful, the software was very easy to setup, their support team was very helpful and responsive to all our needs. ApexLink is all you need at a great price. I’m glad we stumbled and started with them. It’s pretty flexible/versatile, we like it and all our tenants like it too. Jessica Marshall Summerville, South Carolina


I must admit that at first I was a little Leary to try ApexLink. It seemed pretty inexpensive compared to so many others, so I figured it probably didn’t offer the options I was looking for. Before even signing up for the free trial, I called them to ask a ton of questions. Their representatives were very quick to call me back, and very patient in answering every question I was asking them. They offered to show me a demo of the software to walk me through it all which I accepted. It was very thorough, and answered all my questions plus taught me a lot more than I was expecting. I love the way the software looks and performs on the screen, and my favorite thing is probably how simple and thorough setting up the new software was. A few days into my free 14 day trial, while I was still working on setting everything up, I had already decided that ApexLink was the answer I had been looking for, for so long! I would highly recommend it to anyone! It has tons of features that I am not using at the moment but maybe I will use some of them in the feature, they are there if I need to use them. Sherry Grant Cedar City, Utah


The program is very easy to setup and use. The online support is very good, you can setup everything by yourself and can get help when you need it. The pages look clean and modern and you can easily find any information you need. The program requires no upfront investment except for the monthly fees, you can also try it for free for 14 days. There is NO obligation or contract and you can cancel the software anytime you want. I really love it. Mandy Smith St. Joseph, Missouri


Hands down, the best part of the ApexLink software is the amount of functionality packed into a simple program. It’s clear that they have done their homework in setting up a truly versatile and an unbelievable product. We are a small property management company here in Portland with 34 properties and ApexLink has been a god sent for us. The software is very polished and easy to use. We had a very hard time finding a software which can handle all our needs, then we found ApexLink. We’ve never looked back on that decision. I contacted their representative a couple of times during setup, and they were both helpful and very professional. I appreciated their candor when discussing features that would and would not be viable for future updates, and helping me find acceptable solutions/workarounds for our property’s non-traditional setup. This is a great company. Rodney Pratt Portland, Maine


Love ApexLink. From the beginning, the customer service has been outstanding. I wish I could hire there team to work for our company. They are constantly making improvements to the software. Nothing is static here. Constantly evolving …but in a good way, not because something was broke. I can’t imagine how much time and money using this software has saved me and at the same time, provided me with a better customer experience. I do truly think that I am an ApexLink lifer now. Of the 4 property management software solutions that I have uses in the past couple of years, I will say ApexLink is the best. Emma Lee Calgary, Alberta (Canada)


ApexLink Property Management Software is an amazing software solution for streamlined online property management. Our experience managing 55+ properties through ApexLink has been really fantastic, thanks to the efficiency of the program and the expert communication provided by their Customer support representatives. Having the ability to accept online applications, quickly convert specific applicants to `Tenant Status and accept online rent payments almost instantly has saved us countless hours of time & resources. Our tenants appreciate the ease of paying rent from their homes securely, having the ability to schedule automatic rent payments & having secure records of their payments through ApexLink all in one online tenant portal. We highly recommend ApexLink for all property managers no matter the size or model of the company! The software is very easy to learn and use. Amy Owen Fairfax, Virginia


ApexLink software has allowed us to run our property management business much more easily, efficiently and at a lower cost than before, leaving us with more time and money to spend on other things and to rapidly grow our business. It does everything we want in a property management software package including online rent payment, online maintenance requests by our renters, renter screening capabilities and so much more. The software is very easy to use and you can easily find answers to all your questions through the help center. They have a very good customer service staff, we are happy we choose this software. Helen Moore Durham, North Carolina


ApexLink is the best kept secret in the property management software industry! I started my own property management company few years ago, and was shocked by what the larger property management software companies were asking on a monthly basis. Most of them stopped talking to me because I didn’t have 1000 properties in my portfolio. ApexLink accepted me as a small company and gave me the VIP treatment. I can send and receive funds electronically from landlords / tenants / vendors, and much more. As a small company, I have access to all the features the big companies have without paying more money. Every issues I’ve had while setting up my company through ApexLink has been resolved by their staff within a matter of minutes. I also have access to over 300 instructional videos and a very detailed user guide. I could not recommend this company enough, especially if you’re thinking about starting your own property management company and expecting to grow your portfolio. I have worked for large property management companies in the past that used some of the big-name software companies, and I know that the value cannot be matched as compared to what ApexLink is offering. Their staff is very patient, knowledgeable and professional. Benjamin Martin Richmond, British Columbia (Canada)


I have used the ApexLink software for a few months now and it has made managing my three rental properties much easier. I love that I can collect rent and have the ability to manage maintenance. Also, the software was very easy to learn and if you have questions you can easily find answers. They have more than a hundred reports to see how your properties are doing. You can easily screen all your tenants right from the application. All your tenants, vendors and owners have their own individual portals. Tenants can pay their rent online and can also send in maintenance requests online. The system has thousands of cool features that can help any property manager. I just love this software and everything about it. Karen Naples Beaverton Oregon


ApexLink makes it really easy for me to manage all my properties in multiple locations, collect and refund payments for tenants as and when necessary. I’ve been very pleased with all the multiple functionalities and also the marketing section. E.g. when you post a listing for a unit, it will automatically get posted on major sites where renters are looking. Then once prospective tenant inquire, there is an automated e-mail response that encourages prospective renters to fill out an application or reach out to the property contact with questions. I find this a very efficient way to manage dozens of inquiries when I post a vacancy. The application allows you to easily collect all the information for screening tenants in one place. The software is very easy to use and if you have questions it is easy to find answers on the help center section. Jacob West Rockford Illinois

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