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As a senior manager of a large property management company in DC, I had to search widely for a comprehensive but flexible and user friendly property management solution to ease the work of my staff and I and reduce trips we make to our properties all around the city daily. After reviewing about 5 of the top property management applications, we narrowed our focus down to 2 software applications, before finally settling on ApexLink Property Management Software largely due to their professional, knowledgeable and responsive support team, simple user interface of the application, and excellent marketing and maintenance features. Because of its systematically organized Maintenance feature, we have cut down on the trips we make to the properties by a large percent. Firstly, instead of waiting for phone calls from our tenants, all tenants maintenance requests can be sent to us through there respective portals. Tenants can also pay their rent online and contact the office for anything and at any time through their portals. The communication system in the software is very powerful. They have tons and tons of new features that are coming online every few months. Thanks ApexLink! Keep up the good work. Gary Ellis Washington, DC


My company owns 28 properties here in Madison Wisconsin. We started looking for a better software system a year ago and we tried three of them but we were not impressed with what we saw out there. We then waited a few months and then tried again to look for what we really wanted. We are lucky to have found ApexLink Property Management Software. We are very pleased and impressed at how well the software worked when the application was demonstrated to us. We have recently bought 5 more remote properties in Denver and 9 in Atlanta. We are increasing our property count all over the country and this software is able to handle it all with no issues. This software has exceeded our expectations, it has features that I did not know was possible to be in a property management system like this. Because of ApexLink, we have reduced our staff count because the system does most of the work. Their support staff is very professional and are always there to help. It is a good management system for those who want to reduce cost and be a little more involved with the program management itself without being overwhelmed. They have step by step video instructions to teach you everything, they also have a detailed user guide in case you need help. This software is going to help us expand our business throughout the country. Rachel Johnson Madison Wisconsin


My name is Susan Ross. I have been using the ApexLink Software a little over a year now for our condo rental properties and we are very satisfied and pleased with the services and tools they provide. When I need help, I get prompt feedback and support from their help center. The online tool is great to have one place to go to manage and see the status on my rental properties, communicate with the tenants and see any open issues. I think ApexLink is a great value for the money that is charged for the service. ApexLink is geared towards all property managers and especially those landlords that want to stay a little bit involved with the management activities, rather than have someone do 100% and not be involved or bothered at all. But, their tools and services make it easier to do everything we need. I am very pleased with ApexLink and would highly recommend them to any property manager or landlord who is looking for an efficient software to manage their properties. Susan Ross Bethesda, Maryland


My overall experience has generally been very positive with ApexLink Property Management Software. They offer the same features and services to all of their clients regardless of their portfolio size which is nice. Overall, it’s a very good platform and it is very easy to use and the cost is very reasonable for small companies that do not have a lot of cash. They are continuously releasing a lot of cool new features that is helping us work smarter. Their customer service staff are very patient and know the ins and outs of the software and they are always willing to help. I have had no issue with them, they are always happy to help when I contact them. Amelia Smith Fredericton, Canada


This software is a simple and straightforward property management platform. Everything is categorized in sections so you’ll never get confused especially if you’re not tech savvy like myself. It’s easy to set everything up and doesn’t take long. I love the help center where I can easily get answers to all my questions. They have over 100 reports and I love how they’re so easy to run. At the end of the month, I can quickly send out owner statements. My tenants also send maintenance requests through their portals which is really convenient because I can just create a work order and assign it to a vendor right away. Customer Service is great! They walked me through on setting up online payments. They even offered to set them up for me at no extra cost. My tenants now pay their rent online and on time and some don’t even need to login their portals each month since they have setup recurring payments. This is a good software, I have no complains, I will recommend it to anyone looking for something like this. Nancy Newton Tulsa, Oklahoma


ApexLink has all their customer support team based in the US which we really like. They told us that their cloud program was stable and dependable, that is true! Their software system can be accessed from multiple computers and at any location that has internet connection. We needed a software system that could be adaptable…. ApexLink software accomplished this. As a medium size property management company, we needed both long and short term rental capabilities…ApexLink software did that! This software has met and exceeded our expectation, it is a very robust software system. I will encourage anyone looking for a serious software to contact ApexLink, we have had no complains with this system. Andrea Walsh Omaha, Nebraska


Ease of use. A person can easily manage one property with ApexLink, or dozens and dozens at the same time. The software is intuitive and very easy to use. I honestly can’t recall ever having to call customer support…and I’m not the most tech savvy person. Setup was simple and quick. I also appreciate that support is available should I have any questions. They always respond in a timely manner if help is needed. I’ve paid much MUCH more per month for software that didn’t do half as much as ApexLink does with the efficiency and ease of use it offers. Thank you for developing ApexLink! I’m a fan for life!! Aaron Young New Haven, Connecticut


ApexLink is an outstanding software for all types of property management companies. Prior to switching to ApexLink, we had two pressing objectives. Firstly, our older system had issues with credit card storage compliance. ApexLink solved this issue easily and this annual burden (PCI compliance) is a thing of the past. Secondly, we had developed our old system over many years to meet our needs, but we were seriously behind in the ease of getting our properties and tenants in the system quickly and efficiently. Again, ApexLink solves this easily in no time also. The software is easy to use and you do not need a lot of training. Thank you ApexLink!! Riley Macdonald Quebec City, Canada


When we began this journey to look for a new software to manage our properties, our Absolute Requirements were as follows, Online payment Capabilities, maintenance tracking, communication, lease tracking, tenant screening capabilities, E-signature capabilities, a very good user guide, good customer service and the cost per month should be reasonable. ApexLink nailed every requirement that we had on our list and a lot more. We are very happy with our software choice after this lone, they continue to improve the software everyday with new features, they are always thinking two steps ahead of us. I will recommend ApexLink to anyone. Samuel Zovi Cheyenne, Wyoming


ApexLink does everything with excellence. They have developed and continues to refine the platform that thinks about small and medium size property management business. Their price is very reasonable and the software is very modern looking and performs efficiently. It is very easy to find anything you want in the system and they have staff that is knowledgeable and always ready to help. ApexLink has helped us take our company from 5 to 24 properties within a very short time. I will recommend this software to anyone looking to increase their portfolio and run their business effectively. John Connell Alexandria, Louisiana

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