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I have been using the ApexLink system for quite a while now and I love it. I really like the fact that someone is there to correct anything that I need in timely manner. They respond very quickly. I also like that they always have the same people in the US answering the phone. I am still learning, but it’s not that hard. Everything is very accurate and easy to learn. I think we will be using this application for a long time. ApexLink gives all types of training documents and videos which come in handy when needed. Steve Williams Tauranga, New Zealand


Our company has been using the ApexLink Property Management software for quite a while now. What a difference it has made in our life and the profitability of our rental business. I handle mostly the financial aspect of our property management business. I’ve had a couple of issues while using the software, but the support staff at ApexLink is top-notch. They respond quickly and work with you until the issue is resolved. I can’t say enough good things about how complete and detailed the software is working and how user friendly it is also! I can highly recommend this software with no hesitation to any property management company that’s looking to make life easier, yet have access to a wealth of information regarding all aspects of their company. It is easy to find any information you need in ApexLink and there is a whole video library you can check to know how to get things done quicker. This is a very professional software, it has helped our company a lot. We really love it, Thank you. Maggie Lefebvre Quincy, Massachusetts


There is always a learning curve with all new software solutions so it took some time to get used to ApexLink but the learning curve was extremely shorter compared to other software programs. We are overall very satisfied with the software. It is very easy to use and you can easily figure everything out yourself through their help center. You can tell that a lot of time has been put into the creation of this software. Thank you. Barb Gagne Minneapolis, Minnesota


The ApexLink customer service is great. Very timely responses. The system layout is very nice and user friendly. It is very easy to figure things out for yourself without calling for help. Their communication system is wonderful, they have so many functions that it is difficult to use all of them but we like how everything flows together. It is also very easy to find anything you are looking for. Their user guide is very extensive and laid out thoughtfully and professionally. We have no complains about this system. Scott Collingsworth Cleveland, Ohio


My family has owned several rental properties for the past 40 years and we have tried EVERY SOFTWARE PROGRAM OUT THERE and ApexLink is the best, hands down! I’ve been using their web-based software site for a while now and it is just flat impressive. They have amazing customer support and are less expensive than the competition. Bottom-line, I’m just happy I found ApexLink! Jenny Walker Corpus Christi, Texas


We recently had a massive computer/server failure at the office were we lost all the information we use to manage all our properties, it was a devastating loss and we soon started to shop for the best property management software out there with certain strict conditions. Security and data backup and data integrity was one of our main condition. We interviewer several companies and easily selected ApexLink. The tech department and the engineers were absolutely wonderful and handled everything quickly and efficiently. We were down a minimal amount of time and the problems that occurred while doing the changeover were quickly handled by the engineers. I have never had such fast, friendly, and patient customer service from any company that I deal with on a regular basis. They put my mind at ease and handled everything extremely well. I was a basket case trying to get us back up and running again but the team at ApexLink made everything seamless and as worry free as possible!!! Thank you!!! Annette Cook Boston, Massachusetts


ApexLink was designed to save us time and make sure that our entries are correct. I love that there is more than one way to complete most of the tasks. Before we switched to ApexLink, we had different systems to track the different activities pertaining to managing properties, but now with ApexLink, everything is in one place and it is so much more convenient and time saying. The modules are easy to identify and easy to use. The software has so many features that we are not even using half of it but are there for us to use at any time. We love the communication, accounting and maintenance features, it is a very powerful system. Bill Desjardins Pikeville, Kentucky


My business partners and I have ventured into purchasing rental properties in different states over the past couple of years. As owners of multiple properties in different states in the US and Canada, we also act as the property managers for our properties including managing a few other properties for other owners. When selecting a property management software system, we wished for a system and its organization to work with us in designing a flexible system which would accommodate our needs. We interviewed six different software companies and selected ApexLink Property Manager, because the system is very user-friendly and works well as an effective property management solution tools. We love the ease at which the modules are laid out and how clean and well organized the pages look. We are pleased that we selected ApexLink. Teddy Chan Birmingham Alabama


ApexLink is a great application to both organize and accrue income for any size property management company. The whole program operates very clean and with its new updates is very easy to operate. All in all ApexLink is a wonderful tool for all companies looking to operate clean and efficient, ApexLink allows one to make charges, budget, improve collections and much more. We really love it, you should give them a call. Diane Mitchell Louisville, Kentucky


After “interviewing” a few software companies, ApexLink was by far the most professional, informative, cost effective and user friendly software company we selected. I have 42 properties in the greater Santa Barbara area and I was looking for a software system that can organize all my portfolio, easy to use and within budget, ApexLink has been able to fit our needs for all of my rigid requirements. The fees seemed to be very comparable to the other programs, so it all came down to how easy is this going to be to use? I didn’t want to add any more time than I was already spending on excel spreadsheet work. ApexLink has delivered on all that I was looking for. Customer Support is always quick and responsive, and if they can’t help at that moment, the programming support turnaround hasn’t been more than a business day or two. Very satisfied with this program! Lee Belanger Santa Barbara, California

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