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I love the fact that ApexLink cares about how each of their clients are using their software and are continuously working very hard on making changes to keep up with our ever changing needs. But above that, they listen to my needs that are always changing (sometimes monthly) I am extremely impressed with this system and all its multiple features. We are lucky to have found a wonderful software like this. Dale Collins Edmond, Oklahoma


My overall experience with ApexLink has been Amazing. ApexLink offers great value, wonderful customer service, and support, and the overall ease of use of the software makes this a no-brainer. We took a long time researching Property Management Software companies and we are very pleased we selected ApexLink. We plan to use them for a long time to come. Thanks again Naomi Bouchard Dallas, Texas


We are extremely happy with our choice to use ApexLink for managing information for our properties and tenants. We can put so much information all in one place and I know it is safe and backed-up every few hours so no fear of data loss. It is an easy to use cloud based system. Our tenants also find it easy to use. We are very pleased with our choice of ApexLink. Dan Clarke Buffalo, New York


Overall, ApexLink has allowed us to empower our staff to take a greater degree of control and ownership over the operation of all our properties. The initial implementation and transition to ApexLink was much smoother than most software changeovers. To be honest, I was very nervous when the time came for the changeover but they quickly won me over and put my mind at ease. The software is very easy to use and has many useful features. It is for these reasons that we are happy with our move to ApexLink and would recommend it to other property management companies, the price is reasonable and the support staff team are always nice and professional over the phone. The fact that they are located in the US does not make a difference to us, they always get back to us on time with any questions that we have, we love the system. Martin Campbell Kent, England


The ease of use of the ApexLink software, it is laid out so the average person can understand how it works without feeling overwhelmed. It flows very nicely and the pages and images are clear and easy to read. This is a good product, but the best thing about this company is their customer service specifically, they go above and beyond to answer any question or concerns I have had and made me feel very comfortable in my transition from stand-alone to the cloud-based version. Their techs are all very knowledgeable and fairly quick getting back to me. Ann Gagnon Eagan, Minnesota


ApexLink has all the bells and whistles that we were looking for in a management software, while still being affordable and easy to operate. The modules look very clean, nice and easy on the eyes. Their customer service/support team is outstanding! Implementation of a new software is always troublesome and comes with a lot of headaches, but their team broke it down nicely, so it wasn’t so overwhelming, we actually liked it when all was said and done. They even offered to enter all our properties and tenants in the system for us if we did not have time to do it ourselves. They are available to answer our email or phone calls and have a great sets of articles and video self-guided help on their help center that answer many questions, you should try them if you are looking for something like this. Carol Woods (Manager) Kansas City, Missouri


Our company has used many different property management software systems here in Hilo to manage our rental properties over the years but ApexLink is one of the most user friendly we have used in years. I think with minimal training someone could very easily use ApexLink and intuitively figure out how it works and how to accomplish the easy or most complex tasks. They have a very detailed user guide and over 200 short instructional videos to watch if you need to know how something works. Typically anytime we have a problem or find a computer glitch with any functionality, ApexLink support is quick to fix it and let us know that it has been fixed and ask us to check it and make sure that they have taken care of the problem. All the features in the system are available to all users/companies big or small, they do not nickel-and-dime you. Their monthly price is very straightforward and reasonable. Caleb Lewis Hilo, Hawaii


Our company is new to ApexLink Property Manager but so far, we are loving this system! As the accounting person for our 32 rental properties, I searched high and low for a software that could meet all our needs at a reasonable price. We are so excited to be using this software because it’s a one stop shop. We couldn’t be happier with their US support team and service from the start. I’m confident this is the one for your company as well, save yourself (and your staff) time and headaches. Try it, you have nothing to lose! They have a free 14 day trial, if you don’t like it you can just cancel, but I promise you we were also skeptical at first but we quickly came around when we saw how well and easy the software worked. If you have any questions when using the program you can just type it on the help center search window and you can watch a short video explaining how to get issues resolved. We just love this program, our tenants and owners love it too. Angie Morrison Davenport Iowa


My wife and I have a small company that we own and manage rental properties in Seattle Washington. We did extensive research online for weeks and found ApexLink had good reviews for their software and support, plus it had certain features we were looking for such as the ability to let tenants pay rent online, send their maintenance requests online and the ability to start small and expand as we gain more properties. We are so glad we chose ApexLink. The software is just as advertised, and the support is even better than we expected! The fees are reasonable and affordable for us, too. We have not been using it very long, but we really love it, we have no complains. The support team is quick to respond and they take the time to figure out any issues or questions we have. They have very helpful instruction videos and user guide which we can use if we have questions. The software is easy to use and it is easy to find any information you are looking for. They have hundreds of pre-defined letters and reports that you can use to run your business. We look forward to a long positive relationship with ApexLink. Bill & Joy Stevenson Seattle, Washington


We used to run our property management business using several different programs by several different companies. As a result, different programs had conflicting information which was very frustrating. By switching to ApexLink, everyone has the same information. Also, information that we provide to tenants, vendors and owners now looks professional and consistent. ApexLink has improved our profitability by giving us information and features that we never had before, and has increased our rent collection by at least 40%. ApexLink is very reasonably priced for the help that it will bring to your business. If your company is trying to manage several properties by using several systems, please consider using ApexLink, I am glad we did and have never been happier about making this choice. Robin Ouellet Overland Park, Kansas

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