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Our company has used many different property management software systems here in Hilo to manage our rental properties over the years but ApexLink is one of the most user friendly we have used in years. I think with minimal training someone could very easily use ApexLink and intuitively figure out how it works and how to accomplish the easy or most complex tasks. They have a very detailed user guide and over 200 short instructional videos to watch if you need to know how something works. Typically anytime we have a problem or find a computer glitch with any functionality, ApexLink support is quick to fix it and let us know that it has been fixed and ask us to check it and make sure that they have taken care of the problem. All the features in the system are available to all users/companies big or small, they do not nickel-and-dime you. Their monthly price is very straightforward and reasonable. Caleb Lewis Hilo, Hawaii