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My wife and I have a small company that we own and manage rental properties in Seattle Washington. We did extensive research online for weeks and found ApexLink had good reviews for their software and support, plus it had certain features we were looking for such as the ability to let tenants pay rent online, send their maintenance requests online and the ability to start small and expand as we gain more properties. We are so glad we chose ApexLink. The software is just as advertised, and the support is even better than we expected! The fees are reasonable and affordable for us, too. We have not been using it very long, but we really love it, we have no complains. The support team is quick to respond and they take the time to figure out any issues or questions we have. They have very helpful instruction videos and user guide which we can use if we have questions. The software is easy to use and it is easy to find any information you are looking for. They have hundreds of pre-defined letters and reports that you can use to run your business. We look forward to a long positive relationship with ApexLink. Bill & Joy Stevenson Seattle, Washington