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Our company is new to ApexLink Property Manager but so far, we are loving this system! As the accounting person for our 32 rental properties, I searched high and low for a software that could meet all our needs at a reasonable price. We are so excited to be using this software because it’s a one stop shop. We couldn’t be happier with their US support team and service from the start. I’m confident this is the one for your company as well, save yourself (and your staff) time and headaches. Try it, you have nothing to lose! They have a free 14 day trial, if you don’t like it you can just cancel, but I promise you we were also skeptical at first but we quickly came around when we saw how well and easy the software worked. If you have any questions when using the program you can just type it on the help center search window and you can watch a short video explaining how to get issues resolved. We just love this program, our tenants and owners love it too. Angie Morrison Davenport Iowa